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How import cad to sketchup? Import AutoCAD to Sketchup, convert dwg to skp files

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 How import cad to sketchup? Import AutoCAD to Sketchup, convert dwg to skp files
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How to import cad to sketchup? Import AutoCAD to Sketchup, how to convert dwg to skp files? Import dwg sketchup? dwg to sketchup? I need to import my home plans from AutoCAD to google sketchUp to get some interior materials. Just need to add some trees, people and many more. If somebody have time to do that for me I'll be grateful.

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It is quite simple to import dwg to sketchup, go to SketchUp: File > Import > Select File. But there are something to note when importing dwg to sketchup:

1. Generally we only need some of geometer objects in the dwg, use AutoCAD WBLOCK command to select what objects we need, save to a drawing and import that into sketchup. You can also use PURGE to clean up unnecessary data. This can be done in AutoCAD or ZWCAD, if you don't have one, download from here:, there are 30 days for free trial.

2. Be sure to explode all 2D polyline objects in the dwg file. Because arcs within a 2D Polyline will appear straight when imported into SketchUp unless you explode the 2D Polyline so the arc segments are extracted from the polyline.

3. Ensure uniform units, before importing the dwg, you need to check the drawing in AutoCAD/ZWCAD, use command UNITS, when you import it to SketchUp, make sure Sketch Up use the same units, click the Options button in the file dialogue to ensure the units are correct.

import dwg to sketchup

2013-5-30 15:39

dwg to sketch up units

2013-5-30 15:39

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Welcome to ZWCAD forum. Thank you SLW210 for the tips.
ZWCAD+ use DWG as default file format too, dwg drawing created by ZWCAD+ can be imported into sketchup through above steps.

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How about sketchup to autocad? Is there any sketchup to autocad converter? Any advice about sketchup dwg?
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