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[Troubleshooting] hatch not showing in CAD, AutoCAD

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 [Troubleshooting] hatch not showing in CAD, AutoCAD
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The hatch in the drawing does not display in ZWCAD, hatch not showing in cad. Hatch disappear, how to troubleshooting this CAD problem?

If the hatch does not display, we can try to change two variables for trouble shooting. Set FILL=ON, and set MaxHatch=100000. The variable FILL is use to controls the filling of objects such as hatches, 2D solids, and wide polylines. If you create a very dense hatch, ZWCAD may reject the hatch and display a message indicating that the hatch scale is too small or its dash length too short. You can change the maximum number of hatch lines by setting the MaxHatch environment variable using (setenv “MaxHatch” “n”) where n is a number between 100 and 10000000 (ten million).

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