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How to change xref insertion point?

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 How to change xref insertion point?
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How to change xref insertion point? AutoCAD.

When insert a DWG as external reference to the drawing in ZW CAD, we drag the xref and specify the insertion point in the drawing, generally we are grabbing the (0,0) point of the xref, but what if we want to grab a special point of xref and insert it right to the special position in the drawing? Or how can I change the insertion point of the xref? How to insure the insertion of xref to be its special point. The solution is to redefine the base point of the xref by reediting the xref dwg drawing.

Solution: define the base point in the xref drawing, so that this base point becomes the insertion point. Open the drawing which will be used as external reference, use command INSBASE or Base, then pick the special point that you want it to be insertion point.

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