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Insert Mr. Sid images into CAD

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 Insert Mr. Sid images into CAD
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How to insert Mr. Sid images into CAD? What is Sid image. What is Sid file format? How to open Sid?

What is a SID file?
MrSID is an acronym for Multi-resolution Seamless Image Database. MrSID is a powerful wavelet based image compressor, viewer and file format for massive raster images that enables instantaneous viewing and manipulation of images locally and over networks while maintaining maximum image quality. Features include unprecedented compression ratios while maintaining highest image quality, true multiple resolutions, selective decompression, seamless mosaicking and browsing.

Why use a SID file?
MrSID has been designed for a wide range of markets including mapping/GIS, document management, medical, games, and Internet-based delivery of imagery. Its next-generation technology provides:
Compression of raster images of virtually any size with no noticeable reduction in image quality.
Instant, seamless, multi-resolution browsing of massive images: No waiting, no tiles, no proxies.
Fast transmission of vast amounts of raster imagery via CD-ROMs, networks, and the Internet.
We have chosen to use MrSID on MAGIC to facilitate distribution of large image files in a networked environment. Many MAGIC users work on modems. Reducing the file size means reducing the connect time and costs.

How can I view images in MrSID format?
LizardTech distributes its MrSID viewers for free for personal or educational use. MrSID Image Server provides for viewing MrSID imagery across the Internet/Intranet. The MrSID ArcView Extension supports mapping/GIS applications and the MrSID Viewer for PhotoShop supports the publishing industry. You can get a viewer at the LizardtechHomepage. Follow the "Products" link to "GeoExpress with MrSID" then to "Free MrSID Browser Plug-in. Or, click ExpressView Browser Plug-in Web Install, and follow the directions.

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