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How Can I Recover AutoCAD Autosave Files? Change Autosave File in AutoCAD to DWG

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 How Can I Recover AutoCAD Autosave Files? Change Autosave File in AutoCAD to DWG
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how to recover autocad autosave file? My computer just shut down without warning, i lost my revision, as i know autocad save temporary files automatically, I might be able to get my revision back by recovering from autosave file.
Any help will be appreciate, thanks in advance.

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Reply 1# ravier

You can recover autocad autosave file by this way, because autocad save dwg file automatically with ac$ as default extension, just find the *.ac$ file and change ac$ to dwg. AutoCAD's autosave file is saved in this folder: C:\Users\[User Name]\appdata\local\temp\.

Detailed steps about how to change autosave file in autocad to dwg:

Step 1. Go to the folder C:\Users\[User Name]\appdata\local\temp\ and find the file with *.ac$ as extension.
Step 2. Change the extension *.ac$ to *.dwg, it pop out a warming: "If you change a file name extension, the file might become unusable. Are you sure you want to change it?", click Yes button.

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can anyone tell me how to recover zwcad autosave file?

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Welcome to ZWCAD forum. Here is how to recover ZWCAD autosave file:

In case that you fail to save file when your computer power off suddenly, ZWCAD automatically save your drawing as a backup. The backup file with .SV$ as default extension. To recover auto save drawing from SV$, you just need to find the SV$ file from the folder “C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Local Settings\Temp”, and then change extension SV$ to dwg.

You can also set up the auto save setting, change this extension or time period for each automatic save. Enter command ‘options’ and got to ‘Open and Save’ tag, here you can customize the time period and file extension for automatically save backup.

ZWCAD+ is a good choice of 2D CAD software, take a look at the brief introduction from here:

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