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[Troubleshooting] how to handle crash problem of ZWCAD+

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 [Troubleshooting] how to handle crash problem of ZWCAD+
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Crash is inevitable in all kinds of software, like you will encounter crash when using OS, Microsoft office and also AutoCAD. However, it is also unacceptable if the crashes happen frequently. In a word, the frequency of the crashes stands for the stability of software.
The reasons why software crash can be classified to two categories: one is raised by hardware, such as insufficient memory; another is caused by software, for example, illegal operation of the software, memory leak. For ZWCAD, the causes would probably focus on software. The crash may happen on the occasions like too large and complicated data to deal with, incompatible with other software like eDataSecurity Management on Acer, or open and edit some special drawing created by other CAD software like AutoCAD.
To solve crash issue, we finally need to reply on the optimization of codes to deal with the exceptions well. But before this, we can do something to help our customers to check the reason, and find some work-arounds.
Crash has many names like hang, no response, crash, exit with no reason, shutdown suddenly and so on.

Following you can find most of the crashes and possible causes.
Crash may happen in any drawing, even for the new blank drawing, which is easy to reproduce and solve for the developers. However, most of the crashes happen in some special drawings under some special operations without obvious clues.
Generally, for both these two kinds crashes, you can follow the below lists to check the reason, it’s not easy, but once you find the reason, you will get a great satisfaction.

Possible cause 1: External reasons like the computer and network environment.
Solution: Need to solve it according to the specific information.

Possible cause 2: Software confliction, like eDataSecurity on Acer.
Solution: You can find the solution at Point 4.

Possible cause 3: Virus detriment.
Solution: Kill virus

Possible cause 4: In-virus software blocks the software working normally.
Solution: Set ZWCAD to the exception list or close in-virus software directly.

Possible cause 5: Too much running tasks cause insufficient free disk space and memory.
Solution: End other tasks to release the computer resources.

Possible cause 6: Improper installation of ZWCAD
Solution: Reinstall ZWCAD

Possible cause 7: Missing necessary components
Solution: Refer to Point 5 as an example.

Possible cause 8: Using un-stable versions like test version like Alpha/Beta/Special packages.
Solution: Use the official version.

Possible cause 9: Has something to do with the third-party add-ons.
Solution: Unload the third-party add-on or contact the provider for solution.

Possible cause 10: Poor compatibility with some OS, like Win Vista, Win 7, Win 8.
Solution: Report to us and we will improve ASAP.

Possible cause 11: The robustness and fault tolerance of some functions is poor.
Solution: Report to us and we will fix it ASAP.

Possible cause 12: Drawing compatibility like agent objects or anonymous block.
Solution: Report to us and we will improve ASAP.

Possible cause 13: Accessing files from network
Solution: Copy the file to local to check, if the problem is because of the poor network, please try to enhance the network. If not, report to us and we will try to improve it.

1. No matter you can find out the reason or not, for crash issues, you need to collect the bug report together with necessary information and send to us at the first time.

For replicable crash, please provide the following information to your product consultant.
a) Version number of ZWCAD that can be got by the command “VERNUM”.
b) The step-by-step operation description to reproduce the crash, better to append the video and related screenshots.
c) The OS and configuration information (system and display tab) of problematic computer: Start->Run, type “Dxdiag” to get configuration info, you can click “Save All Information” button to save it in a txt file then send to us.
2013-7-24 15:10

For the crashes that randomly happen, please send the bug report to us.
a) Run CrashReportManagement.exe in ZWCAD installation directory, you can get the following figure.
b) You can choose the right bug report according to the VERNUM and the crash time.
2013-7-24 15:10

c) Due to there would be many bug reports be sent to our specified mailbox automatically, for urgent issue, it’s better for you to send the file manually to your product consultant for quicker reply. Just double click any line in the above figure, you will get another dialog box like the following figure shown. Right-click and select “Open Folder” to choose the right file and send to us.
2013-7-24 15:10

d) Some clients may ask not to send their DWG file to us due to the credential cause. They can uncheck the files they don’t want to send under the following steps.
2013-7-24 15:10
2013-7-24 15:10

2. When crash happened, how to reduce the data loss to the most extent?

a) Execute save by manual frequently
Check “Create a backup copy with each save” in Options dialog to generate .bak file when do the save action, the file location is the same with the drawing file.
2013-7-24 15:10

b) Make use of “Automatic save”
Automatic save will save the modifications automatically at regular time, meanwhile, it will generate a temporal .SV$ file in the temp folder, you can find the path of temp folder in Options dialog.
2013-7-24 15:10
2013-7-24 15:10

c) Make use of z$w file generated when a drawing file is opened in ZWCAD. It is different from SV$ file that it is only generated when the file is opened, and being deleted when the file is closed normally, while SV$ file is generated on automatic save.
d) When crash happens, sometimes, it will pop out a warning information and give a reminder to save or not. If click Yes, ZWCAD would generate a filename_recover.dwg file to save all the modifications before crash. User can recover the drawing from this kind of file to the most extent by Recover function.

Note: for the above 4 ways, the first thing is you need to check both a) and b) at any time. After crash, you can find all the 4 files (sometimes less), and then check which one is the latest version, just rename the extension to “DWG” to open. Generally, _recover.dwg>.SV$ .bak > .z$v.

3. How to avoid some crashes on special drawing files?

a) Crash often happens in some special drawing file like big drawing or the file created by other CAD software. We strongly recommend the customer to execute PURGE or RECOVER to avoid some crashes.

b) If the file is opened from network, please rule out the network problem by opening it from local computer.

c) Try different ways to open file: start ZWCAD first then open the file instead of double-clicking the file.

d) Try to check the result on ACAD to verify if it is caused by the drawing data itself.

4. Some known crashes and solutions

1) Confliction with Acer eDataSecurity Management on Acer computer.
Step1: download and install the newest Acer eDataSecurity Management.
Step2: uninstall Acer eDataSecurity from Control panel.
Step3: modify the dll file (rename the filename of PSDProtext.dll to noPSDProtect.dll) under the following folder to prohibit running it.
My Computer C:\Acer\Empowering Technology\eDataSecurity\x86
My Computer C:\Acer\Empowering Technology\eDataSecurity\x64

2) Crashes when create mtext or edit mtext on some Windows Vista or Windows 7 computer.
It is caused by missing some necessary component, which could be fixed by installing the following patch.
32 bit system: Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Redistributable Package (x86)
64 bit system: Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Redistributable Package (x64)

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