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Block Could not be Exploded, Can't Explode Block AutoCAD

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 Block Could not be Exploded, Can't Explode Block AutoCAD
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I can't explode block in autocad, some of the block could not be exploded. I'm trying to explode a block in drawing which I am editing, but explode didn't work. Is there anything I missed? Thanks if any help.

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Reply 1# RobDraw

hi, welcome to ZWCAD forum. We can't explode block for several reasons, now allowed, non-uniformly. See the details:

1. You create this block in autocad and not checking on "Allow exploding". Exploding this block will get message from command line: "1 could not be exploded.". You have to re-define a new block and tick the box "Allow exploding".

2. The block you inserted is non-uniformly scaled block, and also, the variable explmode is set to be 0.
To edit non-uniformly scaled block, you need to set explmode=1.

non-uniformly scaled block,

2013-7-25 11:30

3. This block is inserted by command MINSERT. MInsert block is not allow to be exploded.

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