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Transfer ZWCAD hatch pattern to ZWCAD+

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 Transfer ZWCAD hatch pattern to ZWCAD+
02-09-2013 10:50 . am   |   View his/her posts only
hi all, if you used ZWCAD and now have moved on to ZWCAD+, you can keep using your favorite hatch pattern in ZWCAD+. How to transfer ZWCAD hatch pattern to ZWCAD+?

Step 1. Copy ZWCAD's hatch pattern to ZWCAD+'s profile folder.

You can find ZWCAD hatch pattern from its installation folder, for example:
C:\Program Files\ZWCAD 2012 Eng\Patterns

Copy all of the hatch pattern files, and paste to ZWCAD+ hatch pattern folder(the profile folder), you can find it in C disk:
C:\Users\[User Name]\AppData\Roaming\ZWSOFT\ZWCAD\2014\en-US\Support

If you want to import hatch patterns to ZWCAD Mechanical or ZWCAD Architecture, you can paste to:
ZWCAD Mechanical: C:\Users\[User Name]\AppData\Roaming\ZWSOFT\zwcadm\2014\en-US\Support
ZWCAD Architecture: C:\Users\[User Name]\AppData\Roaming\ZWSOFT\ZWCADA\2014\en-US\Support

Step 2: use imported hatch pattern in ZWCAD+.
Run command HATCH in ZWCAD+ (or ZWCAD Mechanical, ZWCAD Architecture), open Hatch Pattern Palette dialog box and go to Custom tab, there you can find the customized hatch pattern you just add.

zwcad autocad custom hatch

2013-9-2 11:08

For step 1, in alternative, you can simply add ZWCAD's pattern path to ZWCAD+ search path, no need to import the hatch pattern to ZWCAD+ profile folder. Run command "OPTIONS", go to "Files" tab, click "Add" button and input the path of ZWCAD's hatch pattern.
(The same to ZWCAD Mechanical and ZWCAD Architecture)

zwcad autocad search path

2013-9-2 10:50

Try ZWCAD+ free for 30 days:
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