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dxf dwg difference, dxf vs dwg file

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 dxf dwg difference, dxf vs dwg file
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Can anyone tell me what's difference between dxf and dwg file? The difference comparing dxf vs dwg file? Autocad (zwcad) open/save both dwg and dxf, what's dxf dwg difference? Should I save as dwg or dxf? I guess they are used for different aspects.
thanks a lot in advance.

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Reply 1# RobDraw

If you need to share with your co-worker who use AutoCAD or ZWCAD+, you should save as DWG file format, if you need to send to someone who use different CAD and graphics programs, you should save the drawing as dxf format, but for most case, stick to dwg.

DWG is native 2D CAD file format, original for AutoCAD, of course ZWCAD+ and other 2D CAD software use DWG file format too.

DXF is not really an 2D CAD format but an industry standard, it stands for Drawing eXchange Format. it is set up to be universally usable to many software products. This allows users to exchange drawings even if they don't have the same program. When you use the DXF format, some objects may change their appearance when re-opened. As with DWG formats, DXF formats vary from different releases. To convert DWG to DXF, you can save as DXF format, or you can use command DXFOUT, conversely DXF Files can be imported using the DXFIN command.

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DWG is a binary file, while DXF is ASCII.
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