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how to create multi page dwf

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 how to create multi page dwf
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I has many layouts in one drawing, how to publish model sheet and multiple layout sheets to one single dwf file, how to create a multipage dwf? I would like to send one single multi-page dwf.

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Reply 1# johnwalter

hi, to create multiple pages dwf, you need to setup dwf publish options to "multi-sheet file".
1. Open the dwg drawing that you want to publish to dwf
2. From menu File > Publish (or command PUBLISH), select "DWF" from the drop-down menu under the title "Publish to".

autocad zwcad dwf publish multi-sheet file

2013-9-10 15:44

3. Click on the box that says "Publish Options", select "multi-sheet file" options. Then all the layouts will be published to one single dwf file that is multi-page.

autocad zwcad dwf publish multi-sheet file

2013-9-10 15:44

PS. Other settings for "Publish options":
"Default outputs directory": enter the location you want your file to be saved.
"Layer information": decide to whether or not to include the layer information
"Password protect": If you want this file to be password-protected, you can enable that feature here.

"Publish in Background": this will allow you to continue working while your file is being created.

Download ZWCAD+ and publish dwg to dwf:

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