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stb vs ctb plot style, stb ctb difference

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 stb vs ctb plot style, stb ctb difference
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Could any one explain stb vs ctb plot style? What is stb ctb difference? Which plot style should I use for printing?

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Plot style assign how things present for plot/print, such as lineweight, color, dithering etc. There are two types of plot style for ZWCAD or autocad:

* Color-dependent plot styles (CTB)
* Named plot styles (STB)

What is different between CTB and STB plot style? What is STB VS CTB? You can distingus that after knowing how they assign plot style.

Color-dependent plot style(CTB) is base on color, different color of objects in the drawing has different plot style, you assign different plot style according to the color.

autocad zwcad ctb plot style

2013-11-20 14:44

Named plot styles (STB), it depends on the name, you can create plot style names, then define the plot style (lineweight, color, dithering etc) for this style name. Then assign different layers to different plot style name by Layer Properties dialog box.


2013-11-20 15:01

stb plot style

2013-11-20 15:01

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