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drawing hidden lines in autocad

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 drawing hidden lines in autocad
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How can I drawing hidden lines in autocad? I need to draw some object that is inside.

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Reply 1# Ravi_Akella

Welcome to ZWCAD forum. The way to draw hidden lines in ZWCAD is the same to AutoCAD.

You can draw hidden lines by two ways:

Approach 1: Set the layer linetype as Hidden line, then draw line in this layer, your line's linetype is ByLayer as default.

Step 1. Input command LAYER, the the layer properties manager, select the layer you want to draw hidden line on, click its Linetype column and then pop out a dialog box to choose your linetype, if the hidden line linetype isn't in the box, click Load button to load the Hidden2 linetype, choose Hidden2 linetype for this layer.

autocad zwcad load hidden line linetype

2013-11-21 10:32

autocad zwcad layer properties manager linetype hidden line

2013-11-21 10:32

Step 2. choose it from in layer you set up in step 1 from drop-down list, set it as current layer by this way, then draw line on this layer, you will find that the line is hidden line automatically.

autocad zwcad hidden line linetype select layer

2013-11-21 10:32

Approach 2: Set the line's linetype as Hidden2 by properties palettes.

Step 1. draw a line object
Step 2. select this line object, choose Hidden2 instead of ByLayer from its properties palettes. If you can't find the Hidden2 linetype from the linetype drop-down list, you need to load this linetype previousely, input command LINETYPE, then click Load to load Hidden2 linetype.
If you're drawing these lines too big or too small, then you need to adjust the LTSCALE system variable so the "dashed lines" show up properly.

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