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How to draw ground in autocad?

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 How to draw ground in autocad?
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How to draw ground in autocad?

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You can draw ground in autocad by these steps:

1. Type command PLANESURF in autocad command line.
2. Put your curse in the drawing space and specify the opposite corners of a rectangular surface. Or you can convert existing object to planar surface, input PLANESURF > O to select a closed object and turn it into planar surface.

You could also draw ground by making a series of polylines and occasionally alter their elevations to make it more lifelike.

I couldn't find PlaneSurf in ZWCAD, is it not supported yet?

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Reply 2# TomSchrader

Yes, PlaneSurf hasn't been supported by ZWCAD+ yet. We will enhance our 3D function. Thanks for the tips.

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