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Draw centerline circle in autocad

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 Draw centerline circle in autocad
17-03-2014 05:19 . pm   |   View his/her posts only
Q: How to use the CAD to draw the center line of the circle.
A: Here we provide a method for your reference.
Firstly, input the system variables command (DIMCEN) in the command line and ENTER. Then set the parameters in the Center Mark Function lab. Here we set it as -2. This parameter ca be set as a positive, negative or zero. The positive value means the half length of the center line. Zero means no center lie while the negative value means the length is beyond the border.
Secondly, input the center mark command(DCE) and press ENETR.
Thirdly, click the circle or the arc which you are going to draw a center line for. Then the center line is drawn.
Fourthly, enter the Space button and create the center line for the next circle.

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27-01-2015 03:04 . pm   |   View his/her posts only
How to add a centerline symbol in CAD? Centerline is a common object for drawing. How to make centerline?

Here are steps to create centerline symbol for circle:
1. Create a layer for centerline, use CENTER as linetype, define a color, and set this layer as current.
2.Draw centerline. Snap to the quadrant point, track this point, draw a line that go through two quadrant points and the center point, leaving a small extra part outside the circle. And then draw the other center line that go through other two quadrant points.

But it can be much easily by using centerline tool from ZWCAD Mechanical, only one click, saving all above steps. Let’s see how it work.

Click the centerline button from the ribbon, and select the circle, then the centerlines are drawn. All the layer settings are done and no snapping, tracking, drafting.

And not just for circle, this tool could make centerline for more objects like rectangle, ellipses and parallel lines. All you need to do is to select the objects, then the centerline comes out accordingly.

And even better that that, you could select multiple objects and add centerline symbol in batch. Do window selection and cross multiple objects, then centerlines will be added to each of them.

For the small part of the centerline that outside the object, you might want to customize its length. This is possible and easy to approach.

After clicking the centerline tool, there are several options. Input E in the command line to run “set extra length” option, then input the new length value, for example “8”. After that, select the object, and then the new extra length will be applied.

Default extra Length = 3.00
Select Entity(line/circle/arc/eclipse/polyline)or[Center/Single/Batch create select(circle/arc/eclipse)/same Row/set Extra length]: E
Input extra Length of centerline:8

Or you might not want a certain length, just want to decide freely. This could be possible too. Choose C option (Center), then snap to the center point, drag your mouse and specify the end point.

Default extra Length = 8.00
Select Entity(line/circle/arc/eclipse/polyline)or[Center/Single/Batch create select(circle/arc/eclipse)/same Row/set Extra length]: C
Specify center point of centerline:
Specify end point:

Bonus tips:
You might notice that the centerline is assigned to the layer “AM_7” with specific linetype and color, but is it possible to change? The answer would be YES. You could modify the layer settings for centerline, just use the Configuration Style to set it up.

This centerline tool is such a time-saving helper. You can use it from ZWCAD Mechanical, meanwhile saving your drawing to DWG file format, and share your drawing with people who use other CAD software like AutoCAD etc.

If you don’t has ZWCAD Mechanical, download from following, there are 30 days for free trail.

Here is a one minute video to show how to use centerline in ZWCAD Mechanical. Have fun!

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