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CAD Tip: make the most of Polar Tracking and Object Snap

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 CAD Tip: make the most of Polar Tracking and Object Snap
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Designers often need to move the cursor coordinates to define a specific point when drawing a line, a circle or any other graphics. Without an Auto tracking tool, you would have a lot of trouble doing even the simplest dimension accurately. In ZWCAD+, the polar tracking and the object snap command can help pinpoint a specific point.

Polar tracking

Polar Tracking will guide the movement of your pointer along specified angles. When polar tracking is turned on, guides will display on the screen automatically at the polar angle increment that you specify. For example, if you draw a line with polar tracking turned on and the angle increment set at 45 degrees, the rubber-banding line displays at 45 degree increments.

object 1.jpg
2014-5-6 14:46

Enabling polar tracking

To toggle polar tracking on and off at any time, simply make sure the Polar Tracking button on the status line is activated, or you can press F10. Right click on the Polar Tracking radio button, and select Settings to display the settings dialog box.

Object 2.jpg
2014-5-6 14:47

Polar tracking setting

CAD users can choose among different increment angles. To track using all angles, click the Track using all polar angle settings button. Click the OK button when finished.

Object 3.jpg
2014-5-6 14:48

Object Snap

Object Snap enables you to quickly select exact geometric points on existing entities without having to know the exact coordinates of those points. With Object Snap, you can select the endpoint of a line or arc, the center point of a circle, the intersection of any two entities, or any other geometrically significant position. You can also use object snaps to draw entities that are tangential or perpendicular to an existing entity.

Object snap setting

To turn on Object Snap, you can press F3 or activate the Object Snap radio button on the status line. Right click on the OSNAP button on the ribbon to prompt the setting dialog box.

Object 4.jpg
2014-5-6 14:49

Taking Midpoint as an example, when the Midpoint is selected, the cursor will move to the center of a circle or an arc.

Please take note that to use OSNAP effectively, you must know what points an object has that you are able to snap to. A line for example has 3 points that you can snap to: a midpoint and two endpoints. A circle has 5 points: a center and 4 quadrants.

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