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How to Instantly Preserve Attribute Value when Exploding

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 How to Instantly Preserve Attribute Value when Exploding
11-07-2014 09:48 . am   |   View his/her posts only

Block Attribute is a useful tool in creating and modifying your CAD drawings. We can use Block Attribute to save text style and size as annotation block. Likewise, we will be able to set up a title block with attributes.

But the problem is, sometimes you may want to turn an attribute block into individual pieces. Generally we will use EXPLODE. But after exploding, you will find that the attributes lose their values, and which shows the attribute tag instead. How to keep the data in attributes after exploding?

2014-7-11 09:51

To preserve the values, we suggest the use of BURST instead of EXPLODE.

EXAMPLE is practiced in ZWCAD+:

Explode attributes and use BURST to convert attribute values to text objects.

1. Select a block containing two attributes:

Burst 1.jpg
2014-7-11 09:46

2. Block exploded and attribute values converted to text:

Burst 2.jpg
2014-7-11 09:48

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