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ZwCAD 2017 basic features awaited

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 ZwCAD 2017 basic features awaited
07-12-2016 12:56 . pm   |   View his/her posts only
I am a long time user of zwcad since Zwcad 2009. Recently i have upgraded to 2017 version. Even after many updates some basic functionality which i am used to is missing. The required features are as follows
1. Point filters missing.
2. I have many custom tool palettes. Even after entering the path in options, they don't show up in the tool palettes.
3. There is no control over the color of grid. White background shows a very dark grid.
4. Still unable to create dynamic blocks.

there are many more in the wish list. But the above are a must.

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Hi, Thanks for your feedback.
1. About Point filters missing, this feature will be fixed in SP2 version in the next month.

2. Do you mean that you have some customized tool palette files and want to import to ZWCAD 2017 to use? Since the Tool Palette in ZWCAD 2017 haven't support to import customized files yet, we provide a migrate guide for users to import manually, please check the attached PDF file for details. ToolPalettes Migration Guide.pdf (180.94 KB)

3. As for the color of grid and creating dynamic blocks, both of them are our plan in the future improvements. We will try to make it happen ASAP.

Thanks again.
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