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 5 Axis Shops
17-10-2007 01:40 . pm   |   View his/her posts only
Hello Y'all.

I am looking to talk to anyone out here in VX world that uses VX for 5 Axis programming. I will be getting a large 5 axis router (50 ft x 20 ft, dual gantry) for an aerospace company by year's end. I already have VX and use it for my 3 axis programming but know no one using it for 5 axis. The 'Boss' wants to get SolidCAM (since the company does all the design in SolidWorks) , Another 'Boss' wants MasterCAM (I was born and raised on that until they came out with V10 which was no fun) And I figure I can use VX since I will be the only programmer.

Please send an email and some links to your equipment and shop so we can get in touch and talk shop. Thanks

Warren Blazenski
Design Engineer

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