A Brand New Phase with Better
2013.7 -- ZWCAD+ 2014 Beta released with many technological breakthroughs, including dynamic block, online collaboration and many more
2013.3 -- ZWCAD+ 2012 was selected by Deltamarine,a world famous ship building company in Poland. It is now undertaking the design task of Titanic II, a replica of the original RMS Titanic which is scheduled to sail from Southampton to New York on her maiden passenger voyage in 2016.
2013.3 -- ZW3D 2013 was released with advanced 3D modeling and machining capability.
2012.10 - ZW3D held a design contest on a famous design community GrabCAD.com. The topic was "Innovation for Love". The designs of the winners were printed by 3D printers.
2012.7 - ZWCAD+, the next generation of the well-received ZWCAD software, was released with a superior new core for greater design possibilities. The number of ZWCAD users increase to 320,000.
Expansion of Product lines
2010.7 - Completed acquisition of VX Corporation. ZW3D was added to product portfolio.
2010 - Released ZW3D 2010, the fastest ever version. Our user number reached 180,000 in 80 countries or regions.
The First Global Partner Conference
2009.8 - The first annual gathering of the ZWSOFT Global Partner Conference (GPC) took place on 25 -28 August, in Guangzhou, China.
2009.11 - Donated the second ZWSOFT hope school in Wuhan, China.
The First ZWSOFT Hope School
2008.8 - Donated the first ZWSOFT Hope School in Guangdong, China.
2007.1 - Guangzhou Zhongwang Longteng Technology Co., Ltd. changed its name to "ZWCAD Software Co., Ltd (ZWSOFT)".
ZWCAD Entered Overseas Markets
2006.5 - ZWCAD 2006 was released. The user number doubled and reached 20.000.
2004 - ZWCAD overseas business started! ZWCAD was introduced to Taiwan, Indonesia and Singapore and built a high reputation.
The Foundation of ZWSOFT
2002 - Released ZWCAD 1.0 and soon became a competitive CAD platform in CAD and CAM markets.
1998 - Guangzhou Zhongwang Longteng Technology Co., Ltd. (GCLT) was founded.
Best Selling CAD Add-on
Where the Dream started
1997.6 - Released RD200014.0 for AutoCADr14. It was the best selling CAD add-on in China.
1993.4 - The ID system department of Zhongwang Business Machine Company was founded with its interior design software, RD1.0 for AutoCAD.