Be part of our story. Win a 3D Mouse!
Now ZWSOFT has a big family of CAD products: ZWCAD+, ZW3D, ZWCAD Mechanical and ZWCAD Touch. We believe that with the improvements of ZWSOFT's products, every user must have unique experiences and stories to tell.
We are waiting for users to share their stories with us, and we will
provide a prize to every user whose story meets our requirements.
Come and join us!

How to participate: Post your stories on the following comment area and leave your email address at the end of your story so that we can inform you the event result.

The announcement: We will view through all the user story in the comment area and announce the weekly best story there. Please stay tuned.
To participate in the event, please share with us your story of using ZWSOFT products

1. Story of using ZWSOFT products: please specify reasons why you like to use it, tips/tricks or your experience of using the product.

2. You can choose any one of the products: ZWCAD+, ZW3D, ZWCAD Touch or ZWCAD Mechanical as your story subject. For those who write about more than one product, the prize will accumulate once every story matches our requirements.

1. 3D Connection Mouse for raffle. This raffle will be made for all qualified story writers.

2. One $20 Amazon gift card for every qualified story.
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