Share Your Story, Win a Prize.
In order to give back to our customers for your unyielding support of our products for all these years, to celebrate ZWSOFT's 15th anniversary, we will present prizes to every user whose story meets our guidelines.
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ZW3D Special Offer: Up to 50% discount & Free Iphone 5s for you
ZW3D provides you with affordable powerful 3D CAD software, low maintenance cost, capabilities of opening up-to-date 3D CAD drawing and files from different suppliers without data loss. Buy now you can have up to 50% discount & Free Iphone 5s.
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ZW3D Superhero Vehicle Design
Help your superhero get to the scene for rescues, submit your ZW3D design by Oct. 25th and win 3D printers and more gifts.
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ZW3D 2013 SP: Easy Communication,
Amazing Design
ZWSOFT has released ZW3D 2013 SP, featuring greatly improved data communication as well as over 200 other improvements, enabling designers to work seamlessly between ZW3D 2013 SP and other 3D CAD platforms.
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