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  • how to subtract regions in autocad

    you can subtract regions through the Subtract command in ZWCAD or Autocad. To subtract regions is to combine the multiple overlapped solids or regions as an integral object by “subtraction”.

  • how to create polygons in autocad

    how to create polygons through drawing sides in autocad? Command format and Command: _polygon.

  • The grooving operation,3D molding

    The grooving operation,3D molding. The grooving operations include:1.manual and automatic drilling drill, ordinary drilling, peck drilling, tapping screw

  • The 2D/3D CAD drawings,dwg file download

    The community of ZWCAD Technology provides a number of free CAD drawings, CAD mechanical drawings, CAD design drawings, CAD example download, the CAD drawings download

  • how to use the CAD Software to complete cad program

    how to use the CAD Software to complete Cad program ! The book completely breaks through the traditional writing...

  • How to convert pdf to dwg or dxf?converter pdf para dwg

    Sometimes we need to edit drawings in PDF format for the second time. So we need to convert PDF to DWG/DXF format. converter pdf para dwg

  • how to draw 3d buildings step by step?

    《AutoCAD Building Drawing Course》mainly describes how to use AutoCAD to draw 3D buildings step by step and it systematically introduces the drawing function of AutoCAD.

  • How many coordinate systems in autocad

    How many coordinate systems in autocad? There are mainly three coordinate systems in autocad and ZWCAD+: the Cartesian coordinate system CCS, the World coordinate system WCS, and the User coordinate system UCS.

  • What are grips in autocad?

    When selecting objects in Autocad or ZWCAD+, there are small cubes highlight on the objects, and these small cubes are called grips. The position of grips relates to the objects you select

  • How to draw splines in autocad? The spline Command

    How to draw splines in autocad? A spline is a smooth curve that passes through or near a set of points that influence the shape of the curve. The spline can be used to create the form lines.The spline Command

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