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  • Move Objects in AutoCAD

    You can move the specified objects to a new place within a specified distance towards a specified direction through the Move command in AutoCAD and Mechanical Engineering CAD.

  • How To Lengthen Objects in autocad

    Like the ZWCAD+, you can change the length of objects and the included angle of arcs through the Lengthen command in AutoCAD. There are four methods to lengthen: Delta, Percent, Total and Dynamic.

  • How to Explode Object in AutoCAD ?

    Like ZWCAD+, in AutoCAD, we use the EXPLODE command to break a compound object ( such as block, polyline and so on) into its component objects.

  • Cad Software for Mechanical Engineering Free Download

    The manufacturing cad software in ZWCAD is a new professional cad software for manufacturing, which is explored on the basis of ZWCAD+.

  • Solid Command:How to create solid-Filled Areas in AutoCAD?

    Like ZWCAD+,You can create solid-Filled Areas (polygonal areas filled) with a color by using the Solid Command in AutoCAD.

  • how to draw lines in cad ? line command in cad

    The line is the most basic object in AutoCAD. You can create a variety of lines—single lines, and multiple line segments with and without arcs. You can create the lines you need according to different known conditions.

  • How to Create Region in AutoCAD?

    We use REGION command to Create Region in AutoCAD. Like the ZWCAD+,Regions are 2D enclosed areas that have physical properties such as centroids or centers of mass. It includes information of both the boundary and the area itself.

  • How to Align 3d Objects in AutoCAD and ZWCAD ?

    Align Objects is easy in 2D CAD software, but how to Align 3d Objects in AutoCAD and ZWCAD ? We use the command of three pairs of point in the ALIGN command in ZWCAD+ to align the selected 3D-objects.

  • Inquiry Tool AutoCAD : Inquiry Area

    Like AutoCAD, You can Inquiry Area in ZWCAD+ to Calculate the area and perimeter of selected objects or regions. Inquiry Tool is Useful tool for CAD Software.

  • how to combine regions (Areas) in AutoCAD?

    To combine regions means to combine two or multiple regions as an independent region. You can unite regions through the Union command in ZWCAD+.

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