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  • assembly drawings

    An assembly drawing is needed for all products or inventions that have more than one part. These drawings list ...

  • 3d computer design software ,3d design tool

    There are many types of drawing software, such as 3Dsmax,cinema 4D, ZW3D, 3D mechanical drawing software-VariCAD,3D...

  • Which Web browsers can run 3D CAD online ?

    The Web browsers can run 3D CAD online. It supports 3D drawings online reading and this technology will be impr...

  • autocad Mtext command or Text command

    the Mtext command is different from the Text command, Mtext input multiline paragraphic text. As the text is an entity, you can only select and editor the entire text.

  • Autocad Mtext command:Multiline Text Dimension

    MTEXT can input the words in the text bounding box which is designated by the user in the drawing zone. The text is considered as an entity. The text bounding box determines the width of the paragraph and the position the paragraph is in the graphic.

  • autocad single line text font

    You can use single-line text to dimension one or more lines of text, where each text line is an entity. This command can also be used for the current format setting, rotating, justifying and resizing the text etc.

  • How to Set the Text Style in CAD Software?

    CAD Software,like Autocad,ZWCAD.How to Set the Text Style in CAD Software?All the texts dimensioned in ZWCAD have their own text style. This section is mainly about what is and how to set the font, text style.

  • autocad draw order command

    Command line: Draworder.Ribbon: [Tools]→[Draworder].By default, the draw order of the original objects determines the sequence they are displayed.

  • autocad zoom scale command

    Zoom command in autocad has 11 patterns, including extents, window, previous,realtime, all, dynamic, scale, center, object, in and out.

  • How to use dimedit in ZWCAD+

    In ZWCAD+, dimedit command is used to edit the position and angle of dimensioned extension line.

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