ZW3D CAD Tips (Configuration——The Merge shapes before cut setting)


\The "Merge shapes before cut" setting on the ZW3D Configuration Form - Part Tab is always checked for Boolean additions and intersections since overlapping copies of operator shapes could result. Un-checking this option only applies to Boolean subtraction (i.e., Cut operations).


The default setting is "off". You can also set this on an as needed basis on the EDIT > Preferences pulldown menu.


One scenario that may clarify why you would want to set this is, if you have two shapes in the same part. An extrude cut does not require the user to select a shape to operate on so the default is that the cut will act on whatever it intersect and keep them as separate shapes. If the "Merge" command is "on" then the two shapes will be added together before the extrude cut is calculated.


If you only want to cut one of the shapes you may need to blank the other.


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