ZW3D CAD Tips (Modeling ——What you should know about copying sketches)

\Copying a sketch using any of the commands on the Copy, Pattern or Mirror commands will result in a locked sketch. This means that the sketch copies will be locked against "geometric" editing. The sketch can be parametrically edited by modifying its dimensions (double-click a dimension to edit it) but it cannot be loaded into the sketcher for geometric editing.


Copying, patterning, or mirroring a sketch is used primarily in preparation for Loft commands where sketch copies with varying dimension values can be used.


There are also other ways to copy a sketch or its geometry. You can use the Copy Features to Clipboard command and then paste the sketch into the active part's history. You can also use the Cut to Clipboard command at the sketch level and then paste the geometry into another sketch or drawing sheet. A locked sketch can be used for any feature creation the same as a regular sketch.

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