ZW3D CAD Tips ( Modeling —— A condition to consider when using boundary faces )

\The "Boundary Face" option available during the Extrude Shape, Revolve Shape and Sweep Shape commands is used to make sure that the extrude, revolve and sweep distances are long enough to intersect the specified face completely such that subsequent Boolean operations make sense. However, there is a condition that may appear to be in error but is in fact working correctly.


When the "Boundary Face" option is used to specify the start distance, and then the end distance is further away but ON THE SAME SIDE of the face, then the start distance will move to the other side of the face. This is so because ZW3D attempts to make the feature INTERSECT the specified face, as it was originally specified. This is not an error. After all, if this did not happen, the feature would not intersect the boundary face at all, and the original intent would have been ignored.

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