ZW3D CAD Tips ( Modeling —— What you should know about cutting, copying and pasting history operations)

\Any given block of operations cut or copied from the history into the 3D clipboard may contain references to entities that are not included in the block of operations. Also, the cut/copied operations themselves have unique id's that may not be valid outside the context of the history from which they were extracted.


When operations are "cut" from the history, their unique id's and entity references are left unchanged. This gives them the greatest chance of regenerating if they are reinserted into the same history. If they are inserted into another part history, they will only regenerate if they do not reference entities outside of the "cut" block of operations. If they are reinserted again into the same history, their ids are upgraded to make them unique. This is done to avoid any conflicts with the previously inserted copy of operations.
When operations are "copied" to the 3D clipboard, their unique id's and entity references are modified so that they do not overlap with the original operations that remain in the history. They can be reinserted in the same history, or another history, without conflicting with existing ids. They will not however, regenerate properly if they reference entities outside the block of copied operations. 

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