ZW3D CAD Tips ( Modeling —— Should I accept the partial results when filleting and chamfering?)


\During solid fillet and chamfer commands (see list below) and thread operations, if the operation fails, the prompt:


"Filleting (or chamfer) failed - partial results?"


is displayed. If you select Yes, a partial result of the operation is created. The partial results consist of the new face fillet or chamfer sewn together into a separate shell and the topology split and/or extended as much as is possible. If you select No, an error message is returned. This allows you to still create as much fillet or chamfer geometry as possible even if a failure occurs.


It would not hurt to accept the partial results and review them.  You may be able to use some of them even if you have to sew them in manually.  It will also indicate where the problem areas are.  You can then undo the operation, correct the area and try the operation again.



Solid Fillet Commands


Edge Fillet
Elliptical Fillet Feature
Face Fillet Feature
Loop Fillet Feature



Solid Chamfer Commands


Asymmetric Chamfer Feature
Edge Chamfer
Vertex Chamfer Feature


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