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Using IMSPost
\If IMS post is not installed in the directory "C:ProgramFiles\IMSpost65c" you need to modify the "runpost" file located in the "output_def" folder of your ZW3D install directory to let ZW3D know where to find IMS post on your system. This also applies to the Pworks post-processor which should be installed in the directory "C:nccs\Postworks\bin."

See also: The CAM Machine Manager Form


Special Feedrate and Spindle Speed Format in CL File

\The standard format for spindle speed and feed rate in the CL file specify units and orientation as sown below.


If you enter the keyword SMB for this parameter, ZW3D CAM will output the spindle speed and feed rate in a special format that does not include the units and orientation as shown below.



Configuring Flexpost for different Cutter compensation G codes
\Cutter compensation is now supported for output using the Flexpost post-processor . You can modify the Flexpost configuration file "fanuc10.fp" if different G codes are needed.

Using frames to order and sort tool paths
\On the Sort Operations Form, Frame is a valid filter for automatically ordering tool paths for output. If the operations are sorted using the frame filter, those operations which share a common table orientation, or head attachment will be output consecutively.


How to run third party post processors from PostWorks inside of ZW3D CAM
\Use the following procedure to run third party post-processors from PostWorks inside of ZW3D CAM.

In the CAM Plan Manager, right-click on the machine to modify in the manager tree and select Edit from the popup menu.  This will display the CAM Machine Manager.

Pick Programming to display the Machine Programming Details Form.

Pick Post Processor and select pworks from the list of supported post processors.

Pick OK from the CAM Machine Manager and then close the form (both forms will close).

In the manager tree right-click on Output and select Edit from the popup menu.  This will display the Output Form.

Select the operation to output and then pick the Document tab.

Complete the form as desired making sure to enter the output file name and place a check in the box next to Display Output.

Pick G and M Codes and the NC Program Window will display the G and M codes output for the selected operation.  The output file will be created automatically via the PostWorks post processor.

The default directory, in which the PostWorks software is installed, is "C:nccs\postworks\bin." If you installed PostWorks in a different directory, you need to modify the "runpost" file and change PWORKS_PATH accordingly.

Do not use any <space> characters in output names or directory names when third party post processors are used.

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