How to define clamp avoidance manually in CAM Software

\During intelligent hole making and 2-1/2 axis milling operations, clamp avoidance is performed automatically. During 3 axis, QuickMilling and 5 axis milling operations, if containment Type is set to "None", no clamp avoidance will be performed. If set to "Auto", clamp avoidance will be performed automatically.

If set to "User-Defined" you need to define those clamps to be avoided. Here is the basic procedure:

  1. Your clamps should be components in your CAM Software assembly and their CAM class attributes should be set to "clamp." This should be the case for all tool path operations.
  2. Add a surface or solid CAM feature of type "containment" to each clamp component that you wish to avoid.
  3. Select the Feature Mgr button on this form to display the Features in Containment Form .
  4. From the "In Plan" list, select the CAM features you created in Step 2 and add them to the "In Opdef" list.
  5. Because of your selection in Step 4, the "Type" field the Containment Definition Form is automatically set to "User Defined."

The clamps associated with the features will then be avoided by the active tool path.

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