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Working with Calculator

January 21, 2010


Calculator is my best buddy, it is convenient for me to make some calculation in my project, and I like the familiar classical interface. Now, I think it is good to use a calculator integrated into ZWCAD. Because the calculator is integrated into ZWCAD, it has some specific features other calculators don’t provide, such as a Variables area, a Units Conversion area and a Text Calculate area, while it always keep the history to your calculation, it is good to return or check. Let’s start now.


•   Open ZWCAD and select the calculator button on the standard toolbar. \
 •   Command: QUICKCALC
The calculator dialog will be opened up.


The History Window
•   In the history window, history is stored. You can check all your records easily. And not only you can see  the result of the expression, but also you can also how you arrived at that result.
•   Point to the expression in the history window, the whole expression appears
•   Select the expression in the history window, and double-click. It is allowed to modify the expression and recalculate.

Number Pad and Scientific
It is just need to input the expression in the input area, and then press”=”, then the result is finished.

Units Conversion
When I need some simple conversion, now it is easy operation to me. Besides that, I can send the value to the input area

Variables is really a good function, you can use the existing variable to calculate.•  In ZWCAD, draw a line
•  Double-click the button ‘dee’
•  Dist(end,end) is sent to the input area
•  Enter
•  Select two endpoints
•  The result is in the input area

Furthermore, you can set your own formula and do more efficient calculation by yourself. For example, you can set you own formula such as (dist(end,end)+dist(end,end)) or (dist(end,end)+rad), and you can find another efficient way to your work. Enjoy it!

Text Calculate
Text calculate is the best function for me, I can save a lot of operation, I only need to pick the text value, then I can do kinds of simple calculation.

Use calculator in your work
With the calculator built in ZWCAD, I can make my work easier, for example, if I want to offset a rectangle, and the length of the existing line in the drawing = the value I should offset. This is an easy work for me now.
•  Use dee to calculate the distance of the line  \
•  Command: offset
•  Enter
•  Press the button ‘Paste value to command line’\ 
•  Enter
•  Then you can offset the rectangle as you want. 

It is only a small example, try it, you can find more tips about the Calculator built in ZWCAD. Enjo

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