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Bisecting Angles Easily

January 22, 2010

Q: I am a mechanical engineer and I frequently need to bisect angles in my drawings. I have used a number of different methods over the years. I am wondering if ZWCAD has an easier method than any of these ways I have bisectored angles in other CAD packages?


Method A: Using Construction Lines to Bisect Angles
This method is simple, but I have to trim away unwanted parts of the construction line: 

1. Start the XLine command, or click the Construction Line icon.
2. Enter B for the Bisect option.

3. Choose the vertex of the angle.
4. Snap to the start and end points of the bisection angle.


Method B: Using Angular Dimensions
This method is practical, but I have to create an assistant angular dimension and then delete it after finishing the bisection of the angle:
1.  Start the DimAngular command, which creates angular dimensions between two sides of an angle. (The value of the angle is not important.)
2.  Draw a line by specifying the following two points as the start and end points:
• the vertex of the angle
• the midpoint of the angular dimension.

This line becomes the bisector of the angle.
3.  Delete the angular dimension.


Method C: Using Circles
This method is similar to the second method but a little more complex:
1.  Draw a circle, and then specify its centerpoint at the vertex of the angle.
2.  Intersect the circle with the two sides of the angle.
3.  Trim off the part of the circle that are inside the angle.
4.  Construct a line by specifying these two points as the start and end points:
•  Vertex of the angle.
•  Midpoint of the reserve part of the circle.


The line becomes the bisector of the angle.
A: ZWCAD has a special command just for bisecting angles, which is simpler to use than the methods you described above. I like this function because it is simple to draw a bisector of angle, and its saves me time. Here is how it works: 

1.  From ZWCAD's Express menu, choose Draw -- > Draw Bisector of Angle. (Or, you can input the AngDiv command directly.)
2.  Choose the sides of the angle and the intersection point of these two sides.


This Express function is specially meant for drawing the bisectors of angles. If two lines are parallel with each other, then bisector line is drawn parallel with them.


By the way, there are 86 more express tools in ZWCAD's Express menu.They provide many useful functions that are practical and easy to use, such as for drawing arc-aligned text and automatic text numbering. They replace complex steps by one or two simpler ones.

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