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Easier Operations in ZWCAD

January 22, 2010


In ZWCAD 2009 Beta, many improvements, including enhanced commands (e.g. undo/redo) and new features (e.g. Filter and Multiple Grips Editing), enable you to operate this CAD platform more conveniently and more efficiently.

1: Undo/Redo
A history list is added to the Undo/Redo function in ZWCAD 2009 Beta, which allows you to review the actions you have done and helps you execute multiple redoes or undoes. In another word, it is more convenient for you to view the history list and apply undo/redo with several commands at a time.


2: Filter
With the Filter function, you can search for text data or graphical entities through various filter conditions - even searches of custom objects and their locations. If you want to find out some kinds of objects, you can not only apply the Quick Select function, but also the Filter function. In addition, Filter also supports searching from previous filtered results and creating selection sets.


3: Aerial View Window
Aerial View window contains a right-click menu and a toolbar. The buttons on the toolbar can be operated in some ways like the ones on the right-click menu. With the help of Aerial View Window, you can pan and zoom drawings in a window that can display the whole drawing quickly. Especially when you are working with a large drawing, you can use this function to view the whole one easily in the screen.


4: Multiple Grips Editing
With the powerful new Multiple Grips Editing function, you can work with more than one grip at a time. Objects can be stretched through multiple grips, and you can use new system variable to control the grips (Grips, GripBlock and Griptips). The grips you selected are associated. You can move and change multiple objects with great convenience.


5: Jogged and Arc Length Dimensions
In addition to improving dimensions overall, two kinds of dimensions are added in ZWCAD 2009 Beta: jogged dimensions and arc length dimensions. Dimension styles are created and modified with the Dimension Style Manager. Through the DIMJOGGED command, you can define jogged dimensions, which are also called “foreshortened radius dimensions”. When the center of a circle or an arc is out of the paper or located within other part of the drawing, you can use jogged dimensions to sign the circle or the arc. Arc length dimensions are used to mark the length of arcs. With this kind of dimensions, you can view the length of arcs clearly.

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