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Tip: Scaling Objects with Different X and Y Scale Factors in CAD

March 20, 2012

Sometimes in 2D drafting, we need to apply different X and Y scale factors, but it seems impossible for ZWCAD to do this with the Scale  command. For example, it is difficult for us to change window “a” to a narrower window “b” just by scaling.




Scaling a window to change its size


If, however, we combine scaling with block insertion, then we can easily accomplish this task. Follow these steps:

1. Turn the object you wish to scale into a block with the Block command.

2. With the Insert command, insert the block into your drawing.

3. In the Insert Block dialog box, change the X and Y scale factors, as required. Remember uncheck the “Uniform Scale” option before inputting the scale factors.




Block Insert



The most convenient part of converting objects into blocks that you can now insert this block into any drawing whenever you need the object. By setting the scale factors, the object becomes different sizes, as required.

By combining different functions, we can accomplish complicated tasks in ZWCAD easily!

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