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Drawing Points

June 08, 2008

You can set the style of the points and their size relative to the screen or in absolute units. Changing the style of points
•   Makes them more visible and easier to differentiate from grid dots
•   Affects the display of all point objects in the drawing
•   Requires using REGEN to make the change visible

To set point style and size
1.  Click Format menu >>Point Style.
2.  In the Point Style dialog box, select a point style.
3.  In the Point Style box, specify a size, either relative to the screen or in absolute units.
4.  Click OK.
Appearance of point objects.



To draw a point
Do one of the following:
• Choose Draw > Point > Single (Multiple) Point.
• On the

Point objects are useful as nodes or reference geometry for object snaps and relative offsets. You can snap to a point using the Node object snap.

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