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How to convert Mtext to Text

July 11, 2012

In CAD software, Text, also called single-line text, or Dtext, makes every line a separate object. It’s great for short annotation in a drawing. On the other hand, Mtext, also called multiline text, has more formatting options, and is better for larger amounts of text. Mtext is especially important if you need to create left and right margins and wrap the text between those margins.

Sometimes, you have single-line text that should be multiline text, or vice versa. Here are two simple ways to convertbetween the two types of text.


From text to Mtext

To convert from text to Mtext, use the Express Tools command TXT2MTXT. Choose Express> Text> Convert Text to Mtext.

At the Select objects: prompt, select the text objects that you want to convert. If you press Enter instead, you get the Text to MText Options dialog box. Set the options as you want and press OK. By default, the command sorts from the top object downward, and tries to word wrap the Mtext that it creates.

One nice feature of the command is that if you select text objects first, the command executes without further input — very efficient! Another efficient feature is that the command does a true conversion; your old text objects are gone.

From Mtext to text



There are two ways to convert Mtext to Text:

1.     Express> Text> convert Mtext to Text.

2.     Use EXPLODE command to convert Mtext to Text.

The easiest way that I found to convert Mtext to text is simply to copy and paste. Double-click the Mtext to open the Mtext editor. Select the text and copy to the clipboard. Then close the editor.

Start the DTEXT or TEXT command. Specify the start point, height and rotation angle as usual. You’ll then see a small box and cursor. Paste from the clipboard and press Enter to end the command. You’ll then need to delete your Mtext object.

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