How to quickly manage multiple layers with Layer State

May 04, 2014

Normally, CAD users need to batch turn off multiple layersthat are not needed in a drawing. How to simultaneously turn off these layers quickly? Should you turn layers off and on one by one? No! Instead, the LAYERSTATE command can do the trick.


LAYERSTATE command is used for saving, restoring and managing the state of the named layers. By saving the layers as a named layer state, users can recover, edit, import and export the named layer state of certain layers in one drawing for reusing in another drawing.


Step by step, here’s how to use LAYERSTATE.

  • Firstly, turn on or off the layers
  • Input LAYERSTATE in the command line, press enter to pull up the Layer State Manager dialog box.



  • In the prompt dialog box, click on new to create a new name for the layer state you set up for the layers needed then close the dialog box.



  • Repeat the above steps.



  • Double click on the layer state to perform the layers, exit the dialog box, you can see the layers you needed are displayed in your current drawing.
  • When enter the model space in viewport, you can as well save the layer state of the current viewport. To restore the layer state, you need to double click within the viewport to enter the model space.


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