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Overview of Plotting

May 20, 2011

To understand relevant concept to facilitate users setting properties for plotting.

Plotter Manager

      Plotter Manager is a window in which all the plotter configuration (PC5) files of user installation are listed. If you want to use ZWCAD default plotting properties other than that of Windows system configured, you can also create a new plotter configuration files for Windows system plotter. Plotter configuration settings contain port information, quality of raster images and vector drawings, drawing size and customized properties based on plotter type.

     User can start an Add Plotter-Introduction Page dialog box by selecting Add-A-Plotter Wizard option from the Name pulldown box in Printer/Plotter area on plot dialog box, which is available for creating plotter configuration using relevant information that are imported as this wizard required.


    Layout displays the results on a plotted page. You can create as many layouts as you need. Each layout is saved on its own layout tab and can be associated with a different page setup.

     All the elements to be displayed on a plotted page, such as title blocks and notes, are drawn in paper space in a layout. The objects in the drawing are created in model space. To view these objects in the layout, you should create layout viewports.

Page Setups

     Specify page settings for the layout you create through Page Setup and Plot Setup dialog box, controls whether to display layout tab or Model tab. Page setup can be applied to other layouts once it's saved with a given name.

Plot Styles

     A plot style includes properties such as lineweight, color, hatch pattern, which controls how an object or layer is plotted. The Plot Style Manager shows all the plot style tables available in ZWCAD.

     There are two plot style types: color-dependent and named. Use only one type of plot style table for plotting a drawing each time.

    For color-dependent plot style tables, an object's color determines how it is plotted. With an extension of .ctb, these plot style table files are disabled of assigning color-dependent plot styles directly to objects. Instead, to control how an object is plotted, you should change its color. For example, all objects assigned the color red in a drawing are plotted the same way.

     Named plot style tables use plot styles that are assigned directly to objects and layers. With an extension of .ctb, these plot style table files enable each object in a drawing to be plotted differently, independent of its color.

Additional Information

      Addition here refers to the page header and footer that appended to the plot settings. You can specify information about page header and footer in the Addition area on Plot dialog box, e.g. your name, company name, drawing name as well as date and time. You can also assign text contents to the drawing to be plotted by any devices through the Header and Footer text box.

Commands Reference

OPTIONS: Customizes the ZWCAD settings

PLOT: Plots a drawing to a plotter, printer, or file

System Variables Reference


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