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Plot Adobe PDF Files

May 20, 2011

     Adobe PDF file can be created from drawing using PDF driver.

     Portable Document Format (PDF) is a standard of electronic file change. PDF file can be used on any system operation like Windows, Unix and so on. More and more document are using PDF now, such as e-books, product introduction, network information, e-mails. PDF has become a standard for digitized information.

     The maximum output resolution should be set on PDF printing. The Maximal output DPI can be set on Custom options of PDF printer which is called from Plotter Configuration Editor. Meanwhile, the properties for PC5 configuration file including the Title, Author, Subject and Keyword, can also be set on Custom options of PDF printer dialog.

Note: The Adobe Reader R7 or higher version is needed on view the published PDF file. The version 9.3 is needed on Microsoft Windows 7.

Steps for PDF printing:

  1. Choose Plot from the File menu.

  2. Choose PDF.pc5 for the Name option from the Printer/plotter tab on the Plot dialog.

  3. Click OK.

  4. Specify the location and the name for the PDF file in Save As dialog.

  5. Click Save.

Standard Toolbar:\


Steps for adding PDF plotter

     The drawing can be published as PDF file format if you adding PDF plotter though Add plotter wizard. Steps for adding PDF plotter as follow:

  1. Select Plotter Manager from File menu to open the plotter's folder.

  2. Double click "Add-A-Plotter Wizard" to open Add plotter dialog.

  3. Select "Next" after you read the introduction in Add Plotter - Introduction Page.

  4. Select My Computer from the Add Plotter - Begin page, and click Next.

  5. In Add Plotter - Plotter Model page, select PDF File Format from Manufactures option, and select PDF from Models option. Click Next to continue.

  6. Activate the Plot to File check box from Add Plotter - Ports page, and click Next.

  7. In Add Plotter - Plotter Name page, input your configuration file name, or use the default name and click Next.

  8. Click Finish in Add Plotter - Finish page to finish your adding.

The new Plot Configuration file (PC5) is setup.


Customize the PDF Printer

Specify the selected Adobe PDF file options:

Maximal output DPI

Set the resolution of the output PDF file by the unit DPI. The lager the DPI is, the more precise the files, but slower the print speed is, and the lager memory and file size is needed.

The Maximal output resolution is between 72 to 4800 DPI, and default to 72 DPI. You can set this value according to your needs. There're 8 selections in the Maximal output DPI drop-down list, and this value can also be customized by select Custom from the drop-down list.

Instruction to PDF printer configuration file

The options of the PDF printer can be customized from Custom option of PDF printer called from Plotter Configuration Editor.

Properties for PDF printer are: Title, Author, Subject and Keyword.



Set the resolution for the PDF printer.

Maximal output DPI:Set the maximal resolution for the PDF printer, and the value is among 72 to 4800, default to 72 DPI.

Customize output DPI:Customize the maximal resolution. The value can be set to 72 ~ 4800 DPI.


Configure PDF File.

Title: Specify the title for PDF file.

Author: Specify the author for PDF file.

Subject: Specify the subject for the PDF file.

Keyword: Specify the keyword for the PDF file.

Commands Reference

PLOT: Plots a drawing to a plotter, printer, or file

PLOTTERMANAGER: Add-A-Plotter Wizard.

System Variables Reference




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