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Publish Drawings

May 20, 2011

     Publish multiple files to a single multipage DWF file or a printer in order to save and plot files. The paper name and page setup will be displayed as soon as you select files to the file list . Here, paper name refers to the name of the drawing to be plotted, with a dash joining the drawing name and layout name, page setup column displays the named page setup of layouts. You can click the page setup to select other page setup from the dropdown list. The model tab and layout tab are only applied to the corresponding tab.

     You can optionally click on model tab and layout tab in Add drawings include option in the course of importing files into the drawing list. And assemble a collection of drawings to publish and save the list as a Drawing Set Descriptions (DSD) file. A DSD file is created for illustrating these drawing files list and selected layout list.

     In the Publish dialog box, user define the way to publish file list.You can choose to publish to Printer or DWF.

Publish to Printer

Plots all the drawing files on the pblish list, you can set plot copies after publishing drawings to specified plotter.

Publish to DWF

Generates the drawing files that are published to the file list and save them as a single, multisheet DWF file, or multiple single-sheet DWF files, and specify the saving path for the output DWF file.

Commands Reference

PLOT: Plots a drawing to a plotter, printer, or file

PLTPLOT: Batch plot your PLT files

PUBLISH: Publishes drawings to DWF files or plotters

System Variables Reference


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