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Overview of Object Linking and Embedding

May 20, 2011

      The Object Linking can be used for merging data from different applications into a document. For example, you can create ZWCAD drawing with a Microsoft WORD document included, and also create a Adobe PageMaker layout containing ZWCAD drawings.

      To use OLE, ensure your system supports OLE server and container applications. Source applications which are called server mainly used for creating embedded or linked OLE objects. Target applications are container used for accepting OLE objects. ZWCAD uses OLE as server and container applications.

      Even if ZWCAD objects such as circle or blocks are always taken as OLE objects, they can be varied in meaning.

     Link and embed information by inserting a document into another, meanwhile, edit objects in container applications using links and embed OLE objects. However, varied in storing information, the relationship between linking and embedding is similar to that of inserting blocks and creating xrefs in ZWCAD drawing.

Embed Objects

       The embedded OLE objects come from copies of other documents, when embedding objects into files, the embedded objects have no relations with the original document, they are not updated by changing the current drawing.

       You can execute from "Insert-OLE object" menu, select Create from File without clicking on the Link option to embed objects. Once you have embedded OLE objects into the drawing, you can create applications of the object and edit, the original OLE object keep unchanged while you editing information of the source document.


Link Objects

        When inserting OLE objects, if you select Create from File and click Link option as well, you can insert the linked OLE object into ZWCAD drawing. Linking objects is a type of reference to the information of other document. To use a link object for the same information in multiple documents, you just modify the source object, and perform OLELINKS command to set automatic or manual update document containing OLE objects.

        You should keep accessing the source document and linked document. If move or rename the source object, you should rebuild links in the link file.


Command Reference

INSERTOBJ: Inserts a linked or embedded object

OLELINKS: Updates, changes, and cancels existing OLE links

System Variables Reference

OLEHIDE: Controls the display of OLE objects


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