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Edit OLE Objects in Drawings

May 20, 2011

     You can modify an embedded or linked object in its original program from within ZWCAD. When you modify an embedded object, you change the object only in ZWCAD, not its original file (if you pasted the object from an existing file). When you modify a linked file, however, you open and change the original file.

     Double-click the OLE object to start server applications in which you can edit the OLE objects.

     ZWCAD provides two ways to edit OLE objects: one is to link or embed OLE objects which are supportive of other applications into ZWCAD drawings, or you can embed ZWCAD drawings into other applications.

Embed ZWCAD drawings into Other Applications

      When you want to embed ZWCAD drawings into other applications, you use ZWCAD objects as the OLE objects while ZWCAD applications are taken as server applications. In the target application, which is so-called container applications, double clicking the inserted OLE objects to start ZWCAD application and modify OLE objects. Once you have changed OLE object, only the target application displays its change, the source OLE object is not changed.

Link or Embed OLE Objects supportive of other Applications into ZWCAD

     When you link or embed OLE objects that are supportive of other applications into ZWCAD, ZWCAD applications are used as container applications.

     If you select objects of ZWCAD using frame selection, the inserted OLE object overlapped with ZWCAD objects. But the objects to be selected are only provided in ZWCAD, not OLE objects.

     Additionally, the edit and snap mode take no effect on OLE objects. To adjust and scale the size of the OLE objects, you should edit these objects using grips displayed on them.

     When you right click on the OLE object, a shortcut menu will be displayed with some editing properties such as: Cut, Copy, Delete object and On.

Command Reference

COPYCLIP: Copies objects to the Clipboard without removing the source objects from the drawing

CUTCLIP: Copies objects to the Clipboard and removes the objects from the drawing

ERASE: Removes objects from a drawing

PASTECLIP: Inserts data from the Clipboard

U: Reverses the most recent operation

System Variables Reference

OLEHIDE: Controls the display of OLE objects


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