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Embedding drawings

May 20, 2011

     When you embed an ZWCAD drawing, it becomes part of the other program's document file. When you edit the drawing, you edit only the version that is embedded in the other document.

    Embedding is useful when you don't want to maintain a link to the ZWCAD drawing for the data you include in the other document. Edits made to the new drawing do not affect the original drawing. To transfer the file to other computers, you can transfer all the data in one file, but embedded objects increase the file size.

      From within a document in a program that supports ActiveX, such as Microsoft® Word, you can either create   a new embedded ZWCAD drawing or embed an existing ZWCAD drawing.

To create an ZWCAD drawing in another document

  1.   In the document, choose Insert > OLE Object.

  2.   In the dialog box, click the options for creating a new file.

  3.   Under Object Type, choose ZWCAD Drawing, and then click OK.

  4.   Create the ZWCAD drawing.

  5.   Choose File > Exit in ZWCAD.

  6.   To edit the ZWCAD drawing from within the document, double-click the drawing.

TIP You can also embed an existing ZWCAD drawing from within another document.

To embed selected ZWCAD entities

  1.   In ZWCAD, select the entities you want to embed.

  2.   Choose Edit > Copy (or press Ctrl+C).

  3.   Open the document in which you want to embed the entities.

  4.   Choose Edit > Paste (or the equivalent command).

To embed an entire ZWCAD drawing

  1.   Open the document in which you want to embed the drawing.

  2.   Choose Insert > OLE Object.

  3.   Click Create From File.

  4.   Click Browse, and then choose the file you want to embed.

  5.   Click Insert, and then click OK.

Command Reference

COPYCLIP: Copies objects to the Clipboard without removing the source objects from the drawing

CUTCLIP: Copies objects to the Clipboard and removes the objects from the drawing

ERASE: Removes objects from a drawing

PASTECLIP: Inserts data from the Clipboard

U: Reverses the most recent operation

System Variables Reference

OLEHIDE: Controls the display of OLE objects 

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