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Import Files Created in Other Formats

May 20, 2011

     To open and use drawings or graphics generated with other applications in specified format. ZWCAD supports mutual conversion between DXF and WMF format. Use the commands relative to each file types to convert formats among them. You can also convert formats by opening or importing files.

     ZWCAD surports the output file format containing: WMF, DXF, BMP, DWG, DWT, EMF, SVG, PDF, EPS, DWF, SAT. In which, DWG, DXF, DWT, DWF are imported using Open command. DXF refers to drawing exchange format, DWG refers to standard drawing file, DWT refers to template drawing file, and DWF refers to network design format. The additional SAT and WMF file should be imported by relevant command.

Import DXF Files

    As a drawing exchange file, DXF file contains text file of drawing information, which is also an expression of ASCII or binary system of drawing file. Mainly used for sharing drawing data among applications.

    Select DXF file from the file type dropdown list to import this file into applications when performing Open function in ZWCAD. You can import it into other drawing file and explode it.

To import a DXF, DWF, or DWT file

  1. Choose File > Open.

  2. Choose the folder that contains the drawing.

  3. In Files of Type, choose the type of drawing you want to import.

  4. Choose the file you want to open.

  5. Click Open.

Stardard Toolbar\

Command line OPEN

Import ACIS SAT Files

     You can import geometry objects stored in SAT (ASCII) files using ACISIN or IMPORT commands. SAT (ASCII) files stores entities as solids, region or ACIS. ZWCAD converts the model to a body object or to solids and regions if the body is a true solid or a true region. After the conversion, ZWCAD creates new objects using its ShapeManager modeler and performs 3D operations and solids editing.

To import an ACIS file

  1. Choose Insert > ACIS file.

  2. Choose the directory containing the SAT file.

  3. Choose the SAT file you want to open.

  4. Click Open.

Command line ACISIN

Import WMF Files

     As a Windows metafile format, WMF files are frequently used to produce clip art and other nontechnical images that you need for drawings. Use WMFIN or IMPORT command to insert a WMF file into a drawing file as a block.

    To be different from bitmaps, WMF files contain vector information that can be resized and printed without losing resolution. If 2D solids or wide lines are contained in the WMF file, turn off their display so as to increase drawing speed.

     Both vector and raster information can be contained in WMF files. However, ZWCAD uses only the vector information from a WMF file. ZWCAD ignores the raster information if using a WMF file containing raster information.

Command Reference

ACISIN: Imports an ACIS file

BLOCK: Creates a block definition from objects you select

EXPLODE: Breaks a compound object into its component objects

IMPORT: Imports files in various formats

OPEN: Opens an existing drawing file

WMFIN: Imports a Windows metafile

System Variables Reference


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