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ZWCAD Dynamic Input Settings

May 20, 2011

     "Dynamic input" box is a floating window which appears near the cross cursor in the implementation of any drawing command, it provides a convenient method for users to input command prompt dynamically instead of using command window. When the DYN mode is turned on, a floating window will appear near the cross cursor displaying command line prompt and changing along with the cursor moves. "Dynamic input" box displays the identical contents as the command line shows synchronously whereas unavailable if DYN mode is off.

    "Dynamic input" box facilitates users to draw pictures freely and efficiently, which is comparatively more intuitionist than using command window to display prompts when executing a drawing command.

     "Dynamic input" box can not replace command window, you can press F12 to hide command window to increase drawing area, but it is sometimes necessary when implementing certain commands.

Status of Dynamic input

     Clicks on the "DYN" button on status bar to control its status. When "Dynamic input" mode is turned on, the command line prompt will be displayed in the "Dynamic input" box synchronously; while the "Dynamic input" mode is turned off, the toolbar box displays current polar coordinate of cross cursor.


      Turns on the "DYN" mode on states bar, the prompt box near the cross cursor will dynamically display command line prompt, users can input command options according to command prompt displayed in the "Dynamic input" box to execute drawing command. With DYN mode on, you can temporarily ignore command window, so as to make you concentrate on drawing area when drawing pictures. Press F2 to view prompt history of command window. Tooltips show as follows when DYN mode off status (take circle drawing for example):



    When executing command with the DYN mode off, there isn't any dynamic prompt near the cross cursor, you have to view the relevant prompts from command line or command window

Commands Reference


System Variables Reference

ZWCMDLINE: Turns on or off dynamic input function.

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