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Save and Restore Interface Settings (Profiles) In ZWCAD

May 20, 2011

  Creating profiles for different users or projects and sharing profiles by importing and exporting profile files are enabled in ZWCAD.

   By default, your current options are stored in a profile named Default.The current profile name, as well as the current drawing name, are displayed in the Options dialog box in ZWCAD.

    ZWCAD stores the profile information in the system registry and saves it as a text file (an ARG file). ZWCAD also organizes essential data and maintains changes in the registry as required.

     If you make changes to your current profile during an ZWCAD session and you want to save those changes in the ARG file, you must export the profile. When you export the profile with the current profile name, ZWCAD updates the ARG file with the new settings. You can re-import the profile into ZWCAD to update your profile settings.

Commands Reference

OPTIONS: Customizes the ZWCAD settings

System Variables Reference

CPROFILE: Displays the name of the current profile


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