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Introduction to ZWCAD Tool Palettes

May 20, 2011

     Tool Palettes provide an efficient tool that is used to organize, share, and place command, block as well as other tools. With Tool Palettes, you can organize blocks and commands in a window in order to use them efficiently.

     You can configure tool palettes with the shortcut menus by right-clicking the mouse on the different areas of the Tool Palettes window. For example, with the shortcut menu, you can add, rename, or remove tool palettes, as well as copying a tool on the current tool palette to another palette.

     The objects that are created using a tool from the Tool Palettes have the same properties as the objects you create from the menu or toolbar. To run a command, click the desired tool on the Tool Palette. For example, you can create a line by clicking the line tool.

      When you click an arrow next to a tool, all other tools that have the similar properties are displayed. The objects that are created using a tool on a tool flyout have the same properties as the objects you created from the original tool.

       You can create a block tool by dragging a block out of an exterior file to the current tool palette performed from the Design Center. The items to be added to a tool palette are called Tool. By clicking the block tool, you can insert the block into your current drawing.

     ZWCAD supports using existing entities as tools via adding the entity to the tool palettes. You can firstly select the entity to be used as tool from the drawing area, select Copy from right click menu, and then right click on anyone of the palettes or current palette, select Paste option, thus a tool is created. Currently supported entities are arc, defined attributes, circle, ellipse, line, 2D and 3D polyline, mline, mtext, point, 3Dmesh, ray, region, 2Dsolid, spline curve, text, tolerance, trace, construction line wipeout and so on.

       Once you have added geometric entities (circle, line, polyline .etc) to a tool palette by way of copy and paste, a new tool list with flyout will be automatically generated on the palettes. For example, a triangle will be displayed on the new geometric entity icon, click this triangle to flyout tool list containing lines, construction line, polyline and circle .etc.

       The changes made to the Tool Palettes are saved as a configuration file automatically, which are still available when you launch ZWCAD again.

Command Reference

TOOLPALETTES: Open Tool Palette window

TOOLPALETTESCLOSE: Close Tool Palette window

TPNAVIGATE: Control which tool palette to be displayed

System Variables Reference

PALETTEOPAQUE: Controls the transparence of the Tool Palette window  

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