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May 20, 2011

      You can move objects to a new place without changing the objects. You can type a coordinate value for the new position in the Properties panel.

      The following image shows how to move an object. Perform MOVE command and then select object (1) to move; specify a base point (2) and Displacement point (3). The object is moved from point 2 to the point 3.


       In addition to specifying base point or displacement point on the drawing, you can also type coordinate value on the command line. The Vector option is also used to define a new position.

To move entities

  1.   Choose Modify > Move.

  2.   Select the objects, and then press Enter.

  3.   Specify the base point.

  4.   Specify the displacement point.

Modify toolbar\

Command line MOVE



To move an object, select it (A), and then specify the base point (B) and the displacement point (C) Result

     You can also move objects using grips. To move an object through dragging its grips, select the object to get its grips highlighted, and then click the desired grip and drag it to a new position. The grip you select depends on the type of object you're moving. For example, to move a line object, select the midpoint grip. To move a curved object, such as an arc, circle, or ellipse, select the center point grip. Not all objects can be moved using grips.

To move an object using grips

  1.   Select the object.

  2.   Click a grip to select it.

  3.   Drag the object to where you want to relocate it.

  4.   Click to release.

       When all endpoints of selected objects are within a selection window, the STRETCH command is equivalent with the MOVE command. The Ortho or Polar Tracking can help you move objects along to the exact direction.


       From the picture above, the Door is contained entirely in the selection window, so the door can be moved to the specified location. And the wall lines are only partially within the selection area, as a result, the door moves with the wall.

      You can specify the distance the objects to move while the Ortho or Polar Tracking mode is on.

Commands Reference

MOVE: Displaces objects a specified distance in a specified direction

PROPERTIES: Controls properties of existing objects

STRETCH: Moves or stretches objects

System Variables Reference


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