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Align Objects

May 20, 2011

      You can align objects with another through move or rotation. The following picture shows how to align the piping using Align command.


Aligning in three dimensions

     You can align selected objects with other objects in three dimensional space. You select the objects you want to align, and specify one, two or three pairs of points to align the selected objects.

To align an object an object with another

  1. Choose Modify > 3D Operation > Align.

  2. Select the objects, and then press Enter.

  3. Specify the first source point.

  4. Specify the first destination point.

  5. Specify additional source and destination points if desired (up to three pairs).

Command line ALIGN



Select the objects to align, and then specify the first source point (A), the first destination point (B), the second destination point (C), and the second destination point (D) The resulting mirrored object

You can specify up to three pairs of source/destination points.

Commands Reference

ALIGN: Aligns objects with other objects in 2D and 3D

System Variables Reference




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